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Classic Eyelash Extensions

A traditional style of lash application, where a 1:1 ratio is used. This is where one eyelash extension is placed on one natural lash. Ideal for those who seek a little more than mascara but not as dramatic as our volume lash styles.

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Volume Eyelash Extensions

A modern application technique where a ratio of 2:1, or more eyelash extensions are created to make a fan. This technique is where we can place multiple eyelash extensions on one natural lash. Suitable for those who admire a more dramatic lash style.

Eyelash Extension Removal

Whether you want change styles, or it's time for a break, our eyelash extension removal service is the safest method to remove your extensions without causing any damage to your natural eyelashes.

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Keratin Lash Lift

And Tint

This treatment will provide an instant lift for your eyes, mimicking the effect of perfectly curled lashes, accentuating the length of your own natural eyelashes which you may have never known you had! Lasting up to 12 weeks this is an ideal treatment for those who want gorgeous lashes without the maintenance.

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Bottom Lash Extensions

A beauty trend on the rise thanks to celebs such as the Kardashians, bottom eyelash extensions are great for a one off event or to add extra glam to your existing extensions.

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Lash Tinting

Tint can be applied to your bottom or top lashes, to achieve a more striking appearance of the eyes. Lash tinting can be used as an add on service with any of our other treatments.

HD Brows

HD brows is a multi-step procedure including a wax and reshape. Your brow artist will also use techniques of tinting to match your natural brow or to the colour you desire. This personalised treatment will leave you with more defined and fuller brows lasting 2-3 weeks. 

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Brow Reshape

Your brow artist will transform your brow line using a wax, tweeze and alignment method, this simply means getting your stray brow hairs removed and brows reshaped. 

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Upper Lip Wax

Upper lip waxing is a quick facial hair removal treatment and the result can last for up to a month. leaving you with smooth, hair-free skin at the end.

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