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  • Do eyelash extensions hurt?
    No! Eyelash extensions applied correctly should be completely painless as we are only gently applying false lashes to the natural lash.
  • Do you put glue on my skin?
    Absolutely not! A small amount of glue is directly applied to your natural eyelash and does not come into contact with the skin at all.
  • How long will my lashes last?
    The retention of your eyelash extensions will depend on multiple factors such as environment, lifestyle and hygiene. Infills are generally required between 2-3 weeks.
  • Should my natural lashes be falling out daily?
    Your natural eyelashes follow a natural lash cycle, meaning you can be shedding 1-3 lashes per day, per eye. The number of lashes which shed will depend on your personal growth cycle.
  • Will I get an allergic reaction to eyelash extensions?
    Allergic reactions although not common can still occur. At Cosmetic Eye Studio we try everything in our power to minimise the risk of an allergic reaction.
  • Should I be washing my lashes?
    Yes! 24 hours post treatment you should be washing your eyelash extensions daily with an appropriate oil free lash cleanser. You can purchase your exclusive CES lash cleanser online or in store at your next appointment.
  • Will extensions damage my natural lashes?
    As long as your lash technician applies extensions with proper isolation and weights no damage should occur to your natural lashes.
  • I already have lashes from a different salon can you infill them?
    Yes we are able to work over previous work from other salons as long as the eyelash extensions have been applied correctly and there is no damage to your natural lashes.
  • Can I wear makeup with eyelash extensions?
    Yes you can still wear makeup with eyelash extensions, however we do recommend not to use any oil based products on or around the eye area, as oily products will break down the lash glue.
  • I’ve had a lash lift, can I apply eyelash extensions on top of this?"
    If you have previously had a lash lift we recommend waiting for the lash lift to completely drop before applying eyelash extensions.
  • I have hooded eyes can I still get eyelash extensions?
    Of course you can! Here at Cosmetic Eye Studio we custom design each set to cater to every clients individual needs.
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