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5D Pre-made Fans

5D Pre-made Fans



5D 0.10 8-15mm D curl


The latest technology in pre-made fans is available right here, right now!


Our pre-made fans are symmetrically fanned with a slim base to ensure your lash set is consistent and precise every time. 


Your saving time whilst applying fluffier, fuller looking fans, and your clients are going to love you for it! 


Perfect for advanced artists who want to cut their volume lash application time in half, or beginners who are only classic trained and want to offer volume lashes to their clientele. 


What our fans are :

- Cruelty-free

- Made out of high quality materials

- Easy to pick up

- Heat bonded

- The darkest black shade 

- Fluffy


What our fans aren’t : 

- Damaging to the natural lashes 

- Artificial looking

- Artificial feeling

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